Norway, what a beautiful country. With so much beauty it is difficult to narrow down where to go and what to do. Although we barely scratched the surface of this Scandinavian beauty, we were able to round up these 10 reasons why you should visit Norway. 

10) Grass Roofs

Originally grass roofs existed to weigh down the roofs of log houses. This would reduce the space between each log, therefore, making the house warmer in the winter. Now, probably for more aesthetic reasons than anything else, Norway is sprinkled with houses that look as though they popped right out of a fairy tale.

9) Seaside Tunnels & Transatlantic Bridges

The roads in Norway curve and flow as if they were already part of the landscape but the tunnels and bridges are out of this world! From seaside tunnels, to transatlantic bridges, the coast of northern Norway certainly makes for one an enjoyable drive!

8) Right to Roam

Norway has quite possibly the best law that has ever existed, at least for us adventurous folk. The law is called “The Right to Roam”. A law that gives you… yep, you guessed it, the right to roam! This law ensures that residents and anyone who visits the country are able to enjoy the outdoors and beautiful landscape. With a few exceptions, you must pick up your trash and show respect to nature.

7) Fjords for Days

All. The. Fjords. Everywhere you look in Norway you are surrounded by bodies of water and beautiful mountains carved by glaciers.

6) The Lofoten Islands

The #1 rule of Norway is “Never leave the Lofoten Islands”. Once you have experienced the Lofoten Islands everything else, arguably in the entire world, pales in comparison. Imagine this, giant mountains emerging from the ocean sprinkled with little red and yellow fishing cottages. Mind = Blown.

5) Soccer on the Ocean

Reine, a small fishing village in the Lofoten Islands, has the world’s most epic soccer field. Ocean on one side, giant granite peaks on the other. It doesn’t get much better than that.

4) Never Ending Sunsets

Everybody loves a good sunset, but here in the States, they never last long enough. You are always left wanting more. Well for all of you sunset gazers, get ready, Norway’s sunsets (and sunrises for that matter) last for hours during the Arctic Summer. Swoon!

3) The Northern Lights

While northern lights are as common as the sunrise or sunset for Norwegians, for the rest of us they are an insanely beautiful phenomenon. There is nothing more peaceful on this earth than watching the northern lights dance across the tops of big jagged mountains in complete solitude.

2) The People


The people of Norway are reason enough to visit this incredible country. You get a smile and a “Hei Hei” from every person you pass. They are polite, kind, non-egotistical, and proud to share their beautiful country with visitors. Before your trip, and for a good laugh, we suggest reading “The Social Guidebook to Norway

1) Senja

The Island of Senja is home to some of the most epic scenery in Northern Norway. Often overlooked for the more famous Lofoten Islands, Senja is a must visit. The iconic Segla, also referred to as “The Forgotten Ship” rises above the town of Fjordgård. Segla drops 640 meters into the sea or almost 2,100 feet for my American friends. This mountain will leave you in total awe and also leave you wondering what planet you just landed on. Tungeneset or the Devil’s Teeth is one of the most beautiful lookouts on Senja with jagged peaks leaping out of the Norwegian Sea. Don’t forget to stick around after the sun goes down to watch the Northern Lights light up the sky. Senja is a big island, give yourself a couple days to explore!