Summer is upon us, time to whip out the pack and hit the trail. But let me tell you, a poorly packed backpack can be a real pain in the back…. and neck, and legs, and shoulders. OYE!

We've put together some packing tips to help out all you lovely explorers.

  1. Pack your heavy items towards the bottom of your pack (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, food, pots and pans, stove, etc.)

  2. Place medium weight items in the middle and upper part of your pack (clothes, water filters, toiletries)

  3. Place your tent on the outside bottom of your pack or divide it amongst your group and put it in the middle of your pack

  4. Hook miscellaneous items to the outside or hip strap (camp sandals, bear spray, etc)

  5. Any item you need quick access too should go in the brain of your pack (energy bars or chews, chapstick, headlamp, sunscreen, pocket knife, camera)

  6. Water should be evenly distributed so try to have a water bottle on each side of your pack to help with balance.

  7. Keep a jacket or rain jacket towards the top of your pack for easy access in case of some bad weather.

  8. Think like a minimalist and only bring the essentials, this will help keep your pack light and organized. 

Now, get out there and explore!