Does scrolling through your Instagram feed give you serious feelings of wanderlust?  Do you find yourself wondering “how does her hair look so good on top of a mountain?” And “Where the hell is that place?” And “Do these people ever actually work?”.... Okay, good, me too!


But we get wrapped up in it and ultimately join in, crafting our perfect adventurous lives via social media. It’s a vicious cycle - posting the perfectly edited photo, crafting the best caption, choosing the hashtags, refreshing the page, checking the notifications. Do I have more likes? It consumes us. It even interferes with our human relationships and day to day lives. Instead of actually going outside and enjoying nature and the beauty around us, we try to consume nature through our LED screens. What the actual f***?!


At The Road West Traveled, we want to make an actual community through social media. We want to use the tools we have in this digital age to inspire and encourage people to get outside. We want people to experience adventure for themselves and not live vicariously through a social media account.


We hope that our content gets you off your bum and gets you outside, in nature, where magical things happen (I am serious about that part). Nature and adventure are so good for us. In my opinion, they are actual life necessities. Nature keeps us sane and grounded. And adventure makes us strong, mentally and physically. See, that is some magical s***.


The best part is, you don’t have to go 30 miles into the wilderness or to the top of the highest mountains. You can enjoy the nature around you. If you live in the city, explore a local park. Or check out a new trail, state park, or national park in your area. Now grab a friend, get outside, and leave your phone at home. We dare you!